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Get a glimpse into the insane McLaren P1 GTR workshop!

01/31/2016 14:24:46
Get a glimpse into the insane McLaren P1 GTR workshop!
McLaren P1 GTR workshop impresses with unique color schemes of various McLaren models and promises many new stunning surprises.

McLaren P1 GTR workshop is a really impressive place! The variety of McLaren P1 GTR colour schemes that have been already delivered to their owners, is truly amazing and even insane.


Besides the yellow and green prototype car that may be seen in McLaren's latest photo release, there are some other color choices that make very unique schemes. There is a Papaya Orange car, a Silver and Black car and a white and blue car among the group. There is also a McLaren camouflage example which features a blue base coat and outlines of famous race tracks in black. The design was used on both the McLaren 12C and the McLaren P1. It looks excellent on the most extreme McLaren of them all.

The McLaren P1 GTR is sold out and we expect approximately 40 to be built. In the same vein as Ferrari’s Corsa Cliente, McLaren will be running P1 GTR events at tracks all over the world. Owners will get training its in fitness and nutrition as part of the purchase as well as one-to-one trackside tuition for those who want it.

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